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Pothole Season Again in St. Louis

It's that time of year again.  We've had the snow, the freezing temperatures, the thawing, the snow again, the freezing temps, the thawing the snow, the rain, the freezing, the thawing.....and what does it get us?  If you've been around St. Louis enough you know the answer is: potholes.

They're back.

We saw one today that was so long and deep that it was more "trench" than "hole."  You could see the re bar showing through as huge chunks of concrete had deteriorated away.

It's frustrating and costly for drivers.  We went to Andy Wurm's Tire & Wheel in Ferguson and talked with Joe Wurm.  He says the crews there is busy with blown tires and bent wheel rims.  Some of the custom wheels can cost hundreds of dollars.  Even a typical wheel from the factory runs about 80 bucks. 

Also, over the next several weeks if you're out driving and you see the street crews working to fill the potholes---heads up!---give them plenty of room to work.

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