Cardinals Spring Training: ArtiGras -

Cardinals Spring Training: ArtiGras

Hello Cardinal Nation:

After two days of driving and a lot of caffeine to keep me on the road, I've finally made it down to Jupiter.

I got in late last night, so first thing Sunday I headed to Roger Dean Stadium, the home of Cardinals spring training.

Since it's Sunday, no players were out and about, and the stadium was basically a ghost town.

While there wasn't much baseball activity going on Sunday, I did get a chance to see ArtiGras, a massive annual art fair that pretty much shuts down the town of Jupiter.

The fair is held literally right outside the stadium, which made trying to find a parking spot an absolute travesty.

Once I finally found a spot, I got out the camera and took some shots to let you in on the action. While it's not exactly Cardinals-related, it was a pretty cool event some of you out there should find interesting.

I also added some pictures from around Roger Dean Stadium, so be sure to take a gander!

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