2-Year-Old Girl Nearly Dies from "Furniture Tip-Over" - KMOV.com

2-Year-Old Girl Nearly Dies from "Furniture Tip-Over"

If you're a parent watch our story tonight on News 4 at 5pm.  A Park Hills, Missouri, girl is going home from Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center today.  She's been in the hospital since mid-December.  A television fell over on her and nearly killed her.  She was air-lifted to St. Louis after the injury.  She was put into a drug-induced coma for several days and is still going through physical therapy.

While the accident is unusual it's not all that rare.  If you check the numbers from the Consumer Product Safety Commission they'll show that between 1990 and 2007 there were more than 264,000 kids across the U.S. that were treated for furniture tip-overs.  Three hundred of those children died.  Cardinal Glennon treated 14 kids last year for injuries like these and 5 were severe enough that the child had to be hospitalized.

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