Metro plans + zero new revenue = nothing -

Metro plans + zero new revenue = nothing

I covered a meeting of the Metro Board this morning where members unanimously approved an ambitious yet realistic (they say) plan to restore, expand and improve service now and over the next 30 years.  Wow!  Sounds great.

But it's all pie-in-the-sky unless Metro gets an infusion of local, federal and state dollars.

Let's start with local.  St. Louis County voters are again being asked to approve a half-cent sales tax increase on April 6th.  This would general about $75-million a year for Metro IF it passes.

On the state level, Missouri has given millions and will be asked for millions more.

And federal money is contigent on Metro being able to secure funds from the local and state level.  And there will be no new infrastructure without federal money.

So it feels like every decision is dependent on the decision preceding it.

We'll get a good idea on if Metro's "Moving Transit Forward" plan really will move forward on April 6th.

For a comprehensive look at what Metro's looking to do, check out

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