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Wellston police, residents working on plan to reduce break-ins

(KMOV) -- Some Wellston residents have a plan to curb break-ins in their community.      


Since November, there have been 60 break-ins in Wellston.


Over the next couple of days residents will develop a plan with officers on how they will tackle the problem.


Some residents are so fed up that they are looking for ways to move out of the community. 


Over the past several years more than 90 new homes have been built in the Wellston community.


Some city leaders believe the rash of break-ins will discourage the construction of other housing development projects.


The Wellston Community Support Association estimates that more than $60,000 has been spent to fix up homes after the break-ins.


The director of the association says it will take more than just officers to stop the break-ins. 


Wellston's community meeting is Saturday at the Evangelist Center Church of God in Christ located at 6404 Martin Luther King Drive at 11:00 a.m.



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