There's no place like dome -

There's no place like dome

   No sooner had the new potential owner for the Rams been announced then the speculation started on if the Rams will be looking for a new stadium at taxpayers expense.  For the record, no one with the Rams has made any public statements about this.

    Certainly no government in Missouri or Illinois has any money now for a stadium.

    Bernie Miklasz of the Post Dispatch and ESPN Radio 101 told me he believes the new owners and government here have to reach some compromise on fixing up the Dome.  He pointed out that he spent 8 days at the Super Bowl and noticed that the stadium there, Sun Life, is realy nothing spectacular and is older than the Dome, but is in very good shape. 

    It's intersting that some fans I spoke with tonight really would like to see the roof taken off the Dome, although that might cost almost as much as a new place.

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