Pants on the Ground -

Pants on the Ground

By now, we’ve probably all seen and laughed at the “pants on the ground” video.  The song gained national attention after a man performed it on American Idol a few weeks ago.  Now it seems like that message is gaining speed and support in St. Louis.  Today I spoke to Zaki Baruti about his effort to get St. Louis youth to stop sagging.  Baruti cannot understand why this trend is so popular; his greatest fear is that young people do not comprehend that the way they dress can keep them from securing a job.

To get their attention, Baruti is taking his message to areas schools.  He’ll kick off his “Pull Your Pants Up and Help Pull Up the Community--- the World is Watching Campaign” on Friday at Northwest Academy in St. Louis.  Baruti is optimistic that the high schoolers will grasp the concept and make a change.

Baruti’s ultimate goal is to push his message throughout the metro and then, reach out to the nation.


Erica Byfield

News 4 Reporter

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