Are You Getting Automated Calls about the Chris Coleman Case? -

Are You Getting Automated Calls about the Chris Coleman Case?

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Sheri, Garett, and Gavin Coleman By Sheri, Garett, and Gavin Coleman By
By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

A Monroe County resident (who lives just outside Waterloo), reported getting an automated phone call this afternoon.  She told me the number showed up as "unknown" on her caller ID.  When she picked up, a recording asked her questions about the pending Chris Coleman murder trial.

She says the recording asked if she knew anything about the Coleman case and where she learned her information.

I called the Monroe County State's Attorney's office and I'm told the office is receiving calls from people complaining about the automated phone calls.  State's Attorney, Kris Reitz, was not in the office and could not comment.  However, the person I talked to told me the office believes the calls are coming from one of Coleman's defense attorneys.

I spoke with John O'Gara this afternoon, who tells me that he can not comment on his work on the case.  He said he could not confirm whether his office ordered the automated phone calls.

Chris Coleman is awaiting trial on murder charges.  He is accused of killing his wife, Sheri, and their two young sons last May.

His next court appearance is set for March 26th.

His attorneys have until March 1st to request a change of venue.  A change of venue could be granted by a judge if the court determines that pretrial publicity would make it impossible for a defendant to get a fair trial, by an impartial jury.

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