Airman Dies, Someone Steals his Belongings -

Airman Dies, Someone Steals his Belongings

Words can even describe how a Troy, Illinois family feels tonight.  Last month, Airman Bradley Smith died in Afghanistan and now they are left to question why someone would steal what few items they have left to remember him. 

His father, Gary Smith, told me that someone stole his wallet, camera, laptop and the dog tags he was wearing the day he died.  All of those items were stolen out of the back seat of a rental car that Gary Smith’s wife and daughter-in-law was parked outside of a Colorado Springs diner.  Smith’s wife and daughter-in-law make the trip to Colorado to take part in a ceremony honoring Airman Smith. 

Gary Smith is hoping that word of the theft spreads quickly and the police in Colorado Springs will be able to track down whoever did this.  You can watch my raw interview with Gary Smith right now on our homepage and you can also look at a slide show dedicated to Airman Smith.

Airman Bradley Smith leaves behind a wife and a three month old daughter Chloe. 


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