Kirkwood moving ahead -

Kirkwood moving ahead

The city of Kirkwood will attempt to erase decades of racial tension. Wednesday night Kirkwood City Leaders will present a 13 page mediation agreement. The agreement will offer concrete solutions on how the city will bridge the gap between all races. Some say the racial tension exploded two years ago during the deadly Kirkwood City Hall shootings. For those of you who don't know, Cookie Thornton, a African American man, shot and killed six people at city hall. In the aftermath of the shooting, some say Thornton's rampage stemmed from racial tension that spilled over between Meacham Park (Kirkwood's Predominately African American Community), and the city of Kirkwood. 

Well Wednesday night residents will address how they will move forward. The meeting is expected to start at 7:00pm and run until 9:00 at Kirkwood City Hall. Each resident in attendance will get a copy of the mediation agreement. There will also be a time during tonight's meeting for handwritten questions only. News4 will be following the developments from tonight's meetings throughout our newscasts.



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