The latest on the Coleman Case -

The latest on the Coleman Case




I spent Tuesday monitoring the latest developments in the Christopher Coleman civil case in Monroe County. You'll remember Coleman's charged with murdering his wife and two children last year in Columbia, Illinois. Today, the attorney representing his wife's family, Jack Carey, found out it's not going to be as easy as he'd like to get information from Chris's former boss Televangelist Joyce Meyers. Carey told me that he'd like to depose 18 Joyce Meyer's Ministry employees about some inconsistencies in what he's heard about ministry policies and what employees knew about the threats, problems with his marriage and alleged affair with a florida woman and when they knew it. While the judge said no to that request; Carey says he should still get a chance to speak to those employees in open court later this month at a hearing. Carey told me his only concern now is that it will be a lengthy hearing because he will not get a chance to weed out the employees who do not know relevant information about the case. The civil case is scheduled to be back in court in Waterloo, Illinois on February 26th.

Erica Byfield

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