State Lawmakers Consider Ban on Federal Health Care Reform -

State Lawmakers Consider Ban on Federal Health Care Reform

A joint resolution to ban some parts of federal health care reform is advancing in the Missouri State Senate. The resolution amends the state constitution to prevent the federal government from penalizing people who don't participate in a health care plan. (This is a key element in proposed federal health care reform that would fine those who can afford health care but don't purchase it).

Read SJR 25 here:

There is a similar resolution in the Missouri House:

Missouri is not alone in opposing federal health care proposals. More than 30 states are considering some form of legislation that would outlaw (on the state level) some elements of federal health care plans.

The move has roots with the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group that advocates limited government.

Read about the American Legislative Exchange Council's campaign here:

The Missouri Hospital Association has written letters to the Missouri House and Senate, opposing the resolutions.  A spokesman told me the association (which counts 153 hospitals as members) is concerned that federal dollars could be reduced if Missouri fights a federal mandate. 

Read more about the Missouri Hospital Association:

Others argue the legislation is mostly symbolic and that the federal law would trump state rules.  However, Missouri Senator Jane Cunningham (R - Chesterfield) says states could set up a legal show down over the rights of state government -  which could derail/delay current health care reform proposals.

If approved Missouri lawmakers approve a resolution, the measure would be put to a vote during the general election this November.

 Diana Zoga is a reporter at News 4.  You can contact her at


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