Sideways snow finally stops in Collinsville, IL -

Sideways snow finally stops in Collinsville, IL

I've been in Collinsville since shortly before 4am Tuesday spending more time outside than I'd like.

The road conditions haven't been an issue along I-55 near the Illinois State Police post where we set up shot.  But the snow and wind were a constant until around 6:45am.  The wind has been a constant which sent the snow down sideways the whole time.  Ugh.

There was a light coating of snow on the interstate for a while but the few cars we saw in the wee hours moved slowly.  ISP tells me they've spent the morning responding to minor wrecks involving cars that spun out after going faster than they should have been in these conditions.

Now the snow has turned to slush on the road.  The snow has stopped falling but the wind chill is around 0 degrees.  Yuck.

My  fingers are a little numb from the chill.  Hope there aren't too many tpyos in this blog entry due to that.


- Mark Schnyder, News 4

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