Funeral Arrangements Pending for Florissant Father of Three -

Funeral Arrangements Pending for Florissant Father of Three

A day after learning the news of her husband's death, Fran Walters says she is still waiting for more answers.  Her husband, Chris, was killed in an explosion at a Kleen Energy plant in Middletown, Connecticut on Sunday - the plant was still under construction. 

Fran says that Chris, 48 years old, worked as a safety supervisor for 25 years.  He, however, struggled to find permanent work after he was laid off last fall.  He took a temporary position in Connecticut to make ends meet for his wife and three kids (a 15 year old daughter and two sons, ages 10 and 13).

Fran says she'd like to know exactly what happened to her husband.  Where he was in the plant and what injuries he sustained.  She says police in Connecticut told her the explosion could have been caused by a procedure to purge natural gas lines.  An officer told Fran there may have been a leak.   Fran says there isn't confirmation of what caused the blast - yet.

Fran Walters says her husband was an Eagle Scout and loved his job as a safety supervisor.  She says the highlight of his career was working on the new Busch Stadium.  A framed photo taken for the cover of a Central Missouri State University alumni magazine hangs in the Walters' living room.  In it, a smiling Chris Walters stands in the newly built stadium.

Walters is a native of Ohio.  His wife, Fran, was raised in the St. Louis area.  They were married 17 years.  Fran says her husband planned a trip home this weekend to see the family and spend Valentine's Day with her.

Funeral arrangements for Chris Walters are pending. 


- Diana Zoga, News 4

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