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Missouri Tiger Fans in Their Middle Ages

Three middle-aged Tiger fans are watching the Missouri men’s basketball team play Oklahoma State on the TV at the first floor of Paquin Tower, which is a nursing facility of Columbia on Jan., 30 2010.   

“How did that guy pass the ball to another? I thought he just lost the ball to the Tigers.”


Mark Ervanian, 55, bluntly grumbles to his friend when Oklahoma guard, Keiton Page, succeeds his assist for Matt Pilgrim’s dunk as he fakes four Tigers’ defense block.


Mark says he has been a huge fan of the Tigers since his first year of education at MU. To Mark, Missouri’s basketball game is his favorite entertainment for almost two decades.


“Now, I don’t have as many chances as college students go out to support the Tigers. Instead, I stay in my home to enjoy the game with my family or my friends, but I still love my team just as I did during early years,” Mark says.


As the Tigers defeat the Cowboys 95-80 at the end, Mark and his two friends sluggishly move to the elevator. While he leaves, Mark gently stresses again his passion for the Tigers, “It is still a good game.”   


On February 3, 2010, next Wednesday, Mizzou Arena is full of audiences wearing yellow. The Tiger fans’ faces are aglow with their hope to see Missouri men’s basketball team keep up with home winning streak against Texas A&M.  However, the Tiger fans’ craze for new history is about to fizzle as the pace of the Tigers is going down. 


Lynn Coy, 71 of Macon, Mo., slowly sways his head from side to side when MU number 10, Dixon, fails his two free-throw shots when two teams’ scores are close again with 56 - 61. Lynn is so nervous to keep watching that the tigers are chasing after Aggies’ tail during the second half.


But, Lynn’s wife, Roberta Coy and her friend, Janiece Stow, are not giving up on the Tigers yet. “Charge in there, you have to do something now!”


Roberta yells in her seat two miles away from players as if her voice would reach them. And Janiece often prays for the Tigers during all second half, holding two hands firmly.


Unfortunately, the game ends up with an Aggies’ 74-77 victory over the Tigers. Lyn, Roberta, and Janiece go back to their homes, lulling each other.       


Lynn, Roberta and Janiece have always been visiting every home game since Roberta’s son first presented season tickets to them on Roberta’s birthday 6 years ago. “So, we, all three, can always watch games here together,” Robert says.   


Roberta and Janiece find the vibe again when they are asked what impact MU games have on their silver ages. “We just love it. We just love whatever the Tigers get in their games.” The two ladies holler with rejoice.  


“It’s ok, we’ll be fine,” Marry Mock, 74 of Kirksville, Mo., says while Marry and her husband, Orin, are getting out of the arena after the Tigers’ winning streak at home stopped. 


Orin says Marry is a true fan of the Tigers. “Marry went through chemotherapy and several medical treatments because of her cancer 10 years ago, but Marry and I didn’t stop visiting the arena to watch games and support our team,” Orin says.


But Merry doesn’t seem to need much to explain how she kept visiting Mizzou arena during her recovery. “I didn’t have a purpose to watch the game, when I grappled with cancer. My husband and I just came here to do what we wanted the most,” Marry says.


For three years, Orin and Marry have recently been visiting every home game. Even if Orin would feel sorrow for Tigers' loss, Mary says they will never get disappointed of their team because of game scores or winning numbrs, as they never gave up on Mary's health. 


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