City Extending Warning Period for Speeders Caught on Camera -

City Extending Warning Period for Speeders Caught on Camera

The City of St. Ann's first speed enforcement camera went live on Monday, but police are not issuing tickets just yet. 

Police Chief Bob Schrader says the city is still gathering statistics on whether the camera actually helps reduce the number of speeders on a stretch of Ashby Road - right in front of Hoech Middle School. 

The speed limit is 20 miles per hour from 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.  All other times, the limit is 30 mph.

The speed camera was first placed along Ashby in early January.  So far, 158 warnings were sent out (during a three day test period last month).  Originally, St. Ann planned to begin sending out citations this week, but the police chief and mayor said they will extend the warning period for at least another 30 days. 

Chief Schrader says this will give drivers more time to take notice of the camera is on Ashby.  

No doubt this time will also allow the city to prepare for any push-back from those who say the camera should not be used.

On Tuesday, State Representative Michael Corcoran introduced a bill that would limit the use of speed enforcement cameras to school, work, and construction zones.  Corcoran told me by phone that he has children who go to Hoech Middle School, but does not want to see widespread use of the cameras in Missouri.

Read the bill here:

More on State Rep. Michael Corcoran:

St. Ann's police chief says the city did not pay for the set up of the speed enforcement camera.  The city agreed to a five year contract with a private company to provide the camera and send video evidence of speeding to the police department, which would issue the $100 dollar fine.

More on the sensor company here:

The fine is sent to the owner of the vehicle - who would be responsible for paying the citation.  The camera records video of the vehicle and license plate number, but not the driver.

The citations do not affect points on your driving record. 


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