Lawmakers want marijuana substitute outlawed -

Lawmakers want marijuana substitute outlawed

(KMOV) - Retailers say it's perfectly legal, but there's a push in Missouri to outlaw what's known as K2.

Sometimes called another version of marijuana, K2 is for sale at tobacco shops.

At least one Missouri lawmaker wants the product outlawed, as do police.

Jason Grellner is with the Missouri Narcotic Officers Association. He's becoming more familiar with K2.

"Kids are rolling them into marijuana cigarettes or cigarettes and smoking it," says Grellner.

K2 is not illegal, at least not yet. It's marketed as an incense, but police say that's not it's only use. That's the reason it's not illegal, because it's technically not marijuana.

Officers, though, say it's pretty close.

"Some of these have the same pharmalogical effects on the brain, some of them have the same chemical effects on the brain," says Grellner. "...But none of them have the same pharmalogical and chemical effects, if that were to happen it would be illegal."

K2 sells in for $30 for 3 grams.

When asked to do an interview, several shop owners did not want to be on camera because they did want to be misquoted about a product that's become controversial.

Another reason police are concerned about K2 is because they are not sure about all of its effects.

The product is not illegal, and is supposed to be used as incense. One shop owner says the package clearly states "not for human consumption."

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