Trading Mickey for Haiti -

Trading Mickey for Haiti

Another group of medical professionals from the St. Louis area put their regular lives on hold this morning and headed to Haiti to help for the next eight days.

Among the charitable people I met out at Lambert Airport first thing this morning, Dr. Jessica Bowers.  Dr. Bowers is an obstetrician/gynecologist at SSM Women's Center in Sunset Hills.

She'd been planning to fly this week, but not to Haiti.  Her family was headed to Orlando, Florida... Disney World, of course.  When she got from a colleague asking her to join him and others in Haiti instead, she knew what she had to do.  But how would her family take it?... specifically her kids?   Turns out she had their support, too.

Dr. Bowers told me, "Kevin, my 11-year old thought he just wouldn't be able to have a good time on the rides if he knew more people were dying in Haiti... It pretty much brought me to tears.  It's not something an 11-year old should think about but it was on his heart."

That's great.  Mickey can wait.  Tens of thousands in Haiti really can't.

Kudos also to the Sabreliner Corporation, the company that provided a plane and flight crew for free so this humanitarian Haiti trip could happen.

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