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Quick-thinking Eureka parents help save daughter's life

It seemed like not that big of a deal when 5-year old Ava Karpowecz slipped on some ice Saturday morning and hit her head on the ground.  There was no bleeding or even a bad bruise.  Ava cried, her parents checked her out and consoled her and she went on with her day.

It was the next day she woke of from a nap with a headache and vomiting and her parents knew this had to have something to do with her fall.  After taking her to Cardinal Glennon Medical Center they soon learned it had everything to do with the fall.  A CT scan showed a blood clot between her skull and the mebrane of the brain.  Ava had emergency brain surgery and is recovering.  Wow!

The doctor told the Karpoweczes had they waited another half-hour to take their daughter to the emergency room she might not have made it.

Her parents want this public to know about this experience so parents know how important it is to act quickly at the first sign of symptoms after suffering a head trauma.

Doctors say the injury Ava suffered is very similar to the wone that killed actress Natasha Richardson last March.

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