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Opinion: The madness of Mike Martz

What would you think of a coach that has a .624 winning percentage as a head coach, lead one team to a Super Bowl as a head coach and was offensive coordinator for another?

As the leader of his offense he lead the entire NFL in offense 3 times, finished 2nd another, and had his offense in the top half of the league 8 out of the 11 seasons he was a head coach or offensive coordinator.  This person would be a very viable candidate for any offensive job in the NFL you would believe.

All of those stats belong to a guy who couldn't get a job in 2009 and was the 4th guy in line for an offensive coordinator job in Chicago.  That coach is Mike Martz.

News came out on Monday that Mike Martz has been named the new offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears after the organization had to "settle" on Martz.  It is amazing that one of the most creative minds in NFL history has not been able to hold on to a position in the NFL.

This is the league that made sure Scott Linehan was an offensive coordinator as soon as he was let go from St. Louis.  It shows you the depth of hatred for the man that was developed during his time in St. Louis and how deep the dysfunction was at Rams Park.  It was so bad that former G.M. Charley Armey even went as far as to call Martz a "horrible coach."

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