Stranger alert in Lindbergh school district after two incidents -

Stranger alert in Lindbergh school district after two incidents

(KMOV)-- There is a stranger alert in the Lindbergh school district.

District officials want to remind you to talk about bus stop safety with your children.
Over the last 24 hours, there have been two incidents when men tried to contact children waiting for or getting off the bus.
Crestwood police don't think children were in danger. But school officials want to make sure your children know not to talk to strangers and to report any suspicious activity immediately.
Below is a copy of the letter sent home with child:
Dear Lindbergh Parents/Guardians,
In the last 24 hours, two unconnected bus stop incidents were reported to Crestwood Police. Police have investigated both incidents, interviewed the gentlemen involved, and concluded that the students were not in any danger in either situation. A summary of each incident is below.
On Monday, February 1, a student and a bus driver reported an incident of a man motioning to and speaking to the student immediately after she exited the bus. Police interviewed two students and the driver, who is a neighbor, and determined that the driver was only motioning for the students to cross the street. The driver did say hello to one of the students, whom he knows. It appears the second student misunderstood the driver's actions and words.
On Tuesday morning, February 2, three students were waiting for the bus when a neighbor pulled up to them. He lowered his window and said hello to the children, attempting to engage them in conversation. Due to last night's district phone alert, the children had a heightened concern and stopped a patrolling police car.
Police have concluded both investigations and determined that nothing inappropriate was said or done. They will continue to patrol the neighborhood in marked cars for the remainder of the week.
Our primary goal is the safety of our students, and we will continue to share information with you as quickly and accurately as possible. We encourage you to continue talking with your children about safety, and have provided a list of helpful discussion points at
Dr. Jim Simpson

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