Lake Saint Louis UFO Mystery Solved -

Lake Saint Louis UFO Mystery Solved

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs

A Lake Saint Louis man didn't know what the heck he had seen in the sky this past Saturday night.  It had lights on it.  The lights changed colors from red to blue to green. Bill Cole could make out a shape as well.  What he described was the classic "saucer shape."  His son and wife saw the lights as well.  It was in the sky above Lake Saint Louis near one of the harbors.  The lights disappeared.  Cole and his son got in their car and drove around the area trying to spot it---whatever "it" was---again.

Police reported getting some phone calls from people wondering what was going on.  A motorist driving down Interstate 70 saw it, too.  He drove over and tracked it down. 

We tracked it down tonight as well.  A few blocks away from Cole lives Paul Bauer.  He works at Vision Electric in St. Charles and is starting to do a bit of advertising on the side.  He had a helium balloon with LED lights around it.  The lights were changed with a remote control operated by his young son.  (Please, no balloon boy jokes)

Paul Bauer said the balloon he had up in the air on Saturday was a prototype.  He's got a larger balloon that he plans to lift off in a couple weeks.  He said he may notify some of his neighbors before he does.

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