Friend tells police that Sheri Coleman feared her husband -

Friend tells police that Sheri Coleman feared her husband

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson
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Sheri, Garett, and Gavin Coleman By Sheri, Garett, and Gavin Coleman By

COLUMBIA, IL (KMOV)-- A revealing statement from one of Sheri Coleman's close friends is made public for the first time.

The statement was written for police investigating the murders of Sheri and her sons, Gavin and Garrett.
Prosecutors haven't released this information but the attorney representing Sheri's family in a civil lawsuit did.
In eight typed pages,  kathy La Plante describes her friendship with Sheri and what Sheri told Kathy about her marriage to Chris.
La Plante writes that Sheri called early one February morning, crying and said "If anything happened to her, Chris did it."
According to La Plante, Chris threatened to leave Sheri. Sheri allegedly told him "I’m never going to divorce you. I will not leave! What are you going to do, kill me?"
Sheri's friend wrote that the ministry arranged for marriage counseling.
Jack Carey is the attorney representing Sheri Coleman’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Chris Coleman. He says he'll ask a judge to add Joyce Meyer Ministries as a defendant in the case.
The ministry has said it did nothing wrong in the handling of the Coleman case. Including what appeared to be little investigation into death threats made against Coleman’s family.
Police later traced the threats back to Chris Coleman and his ministry-issued computer.
La Plante claims five days after the murders, Joyce Meyer told employees to let investigators do their job and asked workers to pray and speak well of Chris.
News 4 called the ministry’s attorney for comment, but he didn't call back.
Chris Coleman is still awaiting trial for the murders of his family.



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