ESPN: Smoltz close to deal with Cardinals -

ESPN: Smoltz close to deal with Cardinals

(KMOV) -- According to ESPN, free agent pitcher John Smoltz is close to accepting a deal with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Smoltz is likely to come out of the bullpen, working as a set-up man to closer Ryan Franklin.

An announcement, however, will not be made until the future hall-of-fame pitcher clears waivers later today.

The 42-year-old right-hander is the only player in Major League Baseball history to record both 200 wins and 150 saves in a career.

Smoltz went 2-5, with an 8.32 ERA, in eight starts for the Boston Red Sox, who released him on Monday. In the final seven of those starts, Smoltz had a 0.64 ERA in the first two innings, which, According to ESPN, has the Cardinals thinking he would be most valuable out of the bullpen.

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