Answering when opportunity knocks -

Answering when opportunity knocks

While some people might view the loss of a job as a catastrophic event, Edwardsville resident Sherrie Hare saw it as an opportunity to make a career change and do what she's always wanted to do. On Aug. 6, just five days after her birthday, Hare began living her dream when she opened Mr. Anthony's Fashions on Main Street in downtown Edwardsville.

Nearly two years ago, Hare actually made her first steps toward her dream when she opened Mr. Anthony's Fashions online. At that time, Hare worked at the Verizon Wireless Corporate offices in Chesterfield but sold her Mr. Anthony's Fashions merchandise through online orders.

But last year when Verizon Wireless announced that the call center where Hare worked would be closing, Hare began taking steps to make her dream a reality.

"I have an online store but I always wanted a boutique - a storefront," she said.

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