MTD helps students stay safe at night -

MTD helps students stay safe at night

For incoming University students, living in a new environment may raise concerns of their safety and understanding of the layout of campus.

University Police Lt. Roy Acree said that it is essential for new students to understand how to get around campus, and what resources are available to them to add to their safety.

"The transition from home to the University of Illinois campus can be an overwhelming experience in itself," Acree said. "But even though living on campus may be a lot different that living at home, people still have to use common sense at all times."

Acree said that students have to learn how to make safe decisions when going around campus, especially at night.

One thing to know is that it is best not to walk alone at night, Acree said. If possible, be with a friend at all times or ride the buses.

"You need to be aware of your surroundings," Acree said. "Find a place to go if you feel that someone just doesn't seem right. Call 911 if you have to. It's better to be safe than sorry."

Some students do think that walking around campus alone can be dangerous.

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