True cost may derail high-speed push -

True cost may derail high-speed push

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the last of three parts on progress in getting high-speed railroad service in Illinois.

Is high-speed rail a runaway locomotive for American taxpayers? Some opponents believe so.

In a report by the Illinois Policy Institute entitled "Taking Illinoisans for a Ride," Randall O'Toole, a senior fellow of The Cato Institute, attempts to reveal what he deems as the false promises of high-speed rail.

In February 2009, Congress dedicated $8 billion of stimulus funds to high-speed rail projects. In April, President Barack Obama released his high-speed rail "vision" for the United States that included more than 8,500 miles that the Federal Railroad Administration identified as potential high-speed rail routes in 2001. In June, the FRA announced its criteria for states to apply for high-speed rail grants out of the stimulus funds.

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