New ISP director says he's ready to lead -

New ISP director says he's ready to lead

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- The new 29-year-old acting director of the Illinois State Police says he's ready to lead the agency, despite criticism he's faced about his lack of police experience.

Jonathon Monken, a former mortgage banker and graduate of West Point, was named to the post in March.

But the Illinois Senate hasn't confirmed his appointment by Gov. Pat Quinn. Some lawmakers say they're too busy with other matters, like the state budget. Others say that isn't the case as other agency heads have been approved.

Monken is aware of the criticism, but he says the job is about being a good leader. He cites his experience in the military.

Monken served in Kosovo and led more than 100 combat missions while he was a platoon leader in Iraq.

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