Infant dies after being attacked by pit bull -

Infant dies after being attacked by pit bull

BURLESON, Tx. ( — An infant attacked by a pit bull at a Burleson, Texas residence has died.

At 6:48 p.m. Monday, Burleson 911 received a hang-up call from a cell phone and operators traced the call to the 200 block of Linda Drive.

Jessica Oxden, 20, flagged down police as they arrived to help her with a domestic dispute involving her boyfriend and the baby's father, 20-year-old Barrett Bruce.

Oxden had taken the baby to visit his father when the disagreement took place.

After an hour at the scene, as officers were interviewing witnesses outside, Rayden's grandfather took the infant inside the residence and placed the sleeping child on a bed.

Neighbor Jessica Hale was outside talking with Oxden. "Her main concern was the dog and the baby being in the house with the dog," Hale said. "Then — not minutes later — he came running out with the baby."

Rayden was rushed to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, where he died less than two hours later on the day he turned three months old.

The dog was euthanized Tuesday morning by Burleson Animal Control.

The pit bull responsible for the fatal attack did have a history of bad behavior, officials said. Burleson Animal Services quarantined the same dog last year after it bit a person walking down the street. The owner reclaimed the dog after a quarantine period.

Hale said she is grateful and relieved the dog is gone, because she has three children who play outside often.

A group called monitors deadly dog attacks. Last year, it found that pit bulls were behind 22 fatal maulings in the U.S.

Together, pit bulls and Rottweilers accounted for 84 percent of all deadly dog attacks in 2011.

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