Is T.J. Moe ready for a change under center? -

Is T.J. Moe ready for a change under center?

(Missouri Football App) – Frustration abounds in the Tiger offense, and T.J. Moe let his show through on media day.

Moe was asked about Franklin, Berkstresser and the sputtering passing game, and his answers seemed to indicate he was entertaining new options under center- at least in his mind.

“I think our guys are getting open. It’s just one thing or another, the ball just isn’t getting to us,” Moe said.

He clarified that he didn’t want to blame Franklin or anyone else, but when The Columbia Tribune’s Dave Matter asked about Corbin Berkstresser, Moe seemed to indicate he wouldn’t mind a new arm slinging him passes. It’s hard to blame him.

He was targeted only twice in Missouri’s loss at South Carolina, and the passing game looked stuck in park for most of the game.

When Berkstresser came in in garbage time, he marched down the field with ease, looking in control the whole way. Granted SC was playing backups, but it’s hard to argue with how much better he looked running the offense.

Moe didn’t miss it either.

“Corbin has got the arm to come in and do things like that. He was slinging it around against Cover 3 and hitting Marcus [Lucas] on the ground as a guy was closing in on him. He does a lot of things that opens your eyes to what a really good quarterback he can be.”

These quotes were sandwiched between praise for - and statements of faith in - Franklin, but the subtext seems to be something entirely different.

Missouri is loaded with playmaking receivers and in recent years has been helmed by guys who like to fling the ball as much as possible.

This year, wideouts seem to be running routes solely for their health. It would frustrate even the most patient player, never mind one that is used to getting double digit targets. Moe called on history when asked about mid-season QB switches, ending with a message that seemed to hint he may be worried Berkstresser could leave for greener pastures.

“Tannehill came in and never looked back. Now he’s a starter for the Miami Dolphins. It certainly happens. Corbin’s a stud,” he said. “I have no idea when it’s going to be, if it would be this year or for anybody else. It’s certainly not my decision to make. And whoever’s throwing me the ball, I’ll be as open as I can.”

Now if he could just get someone to actually throw him the ball. 


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