Traffic signal malfunction nearly leads to collision -

Traffic signal malfunction nearly leads to collision

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS ( - A man was nearly hit by a car at a busy intersection after part of the traffic signal malfunctioned.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Grand Boulevard and Washington Avenue. A man was attempting to cross the street when a car making a right turn onto Grand Boulevard nearly hit him.  After the incident, he contacted News 4, who in turn contacted the St. Louis Street Department.

The head of that agency tells News 4 the signal meant for pedestrians never changed over from the symbol for "Don't Walk" to the "walking figure" that indicates it is safe to cross the street. He also told News 4 that the button will be fixed by Tuesday morning.

"We need people to report it to us. We need them to let us know. We don't have people pushing every button every week checking them out," Streets Director Todd Waelterman said. "We go to every cabinet once a year to verify it is safe and that is about the limit of our visit until somebody tells us," Waeltermann said.

Waeltermann also said the city is switching over to a countdown in the signal box rather than the flashing hand icon. The latter leads to some confusion over how much time there is to cross.

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