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Raw: Bystanders take down robbery suspect

SEATTLE -- Bystanders in downtown Seattle tackled and held a man down Friday who was suspected of robbing a jewelry store and shooting someone just minutes earlier.

It all ended at 7th and Stewart at 10:40 a.m. Police said the suspect was fleeing the Express Jewelry Store in Westlake Center, firing shots as he ran.

A KING 5 photographer covering a separate story at the federal courthouse witnessed what unfolded next and turned on his camera.

Roberto Sandoval, a valet and doorman at the nearby Mayflower Park Hotel, was the initial person who chased and tackled the suspect.

Kneeling on top of him, Sandoval is seen ripping a latex mask and sunglasses off the suspect's face, while his hand appears bloody from a gunshot wound.

Several other men then joined the effort, sitting on the suspect and holding him down on the sidewalk as he struggled.

Police officers soon arrived and escorted the suspect in handcuffs to a squad car.

Sandoval, who has worked at the Mayflower Park for 11 years, was shot in the arm and taken to the hospital by an ambulance. He was seen alert and talking while at the scene.

A gun allegedly used in the robbery was also recovered where the suspect was tackled.

A display box containing rings was also found there.

Stewart Street was closed between 6th and 7th Avenue while police investigated.

KING 5's Glenn Farley, Linda Brill and Lindsay Chamberlain compiled this report.

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