Dog separated from family in Hurricane Katrina found 7 years later -

Dog separated from family in Hurricane Katrina found 7 years later

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C.—A dog separated from his family in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina seven years ago was found wandering along a road in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

The 15-year-old dog named “Shorty” has a microchip.

His family still lives in Louisiana.  No one knows how Shorty ended up in North Carolina, but workers at the animal hospital were excited to get him back to his owners.

”I know these people have had the past seven years or so a hard life, thank God I’m not in their position, and we just hope this serves as a sort of a bright spot for them because they certainly deserve it,” said Dr. Blake Peurifoy.

The Louisiana family said during Hurricane Katrina they were dealing with so much they felt the right thing to do was to get Shorty to the proper home.

But seven years later they’re in a better place and ready to be re-united with their long lost friend.

A family in Concord, North Carolina family has since come forward saying they’re the owners of “Shorty.”

Ta’layza Miller and her Grandmother, Oclisha Miller, said the dog has been missing since September 10 when they allowed him outside and he wandered off.

The family says they adopted him from a Concord Kennel six years ago.

“I was going out of my mind, and my neighbor tried to calm me down. I just didn’t want anyone to put him down thinking he was that sick,” said Oclisha.

The family says for two weeks they’d been searching for their adopted friend, but it wasn’t until the story aired on a Charlotte television newscast that they were alerted to his whereabouts.

“My neighbor came over Saturday and told my granddaughter that she’d seen Shorty on television and I was like ‘what?’” explained Oclisha.

After walking along side a road, Shorty was taken to the Cabarrus Animal Hospital where, Dr. Blake Peurifoy scanned his microchip linking him back to Louisiana.  The Louisiana family told Dr. Peurifoy after Hurricane Katrina, they gave Shorty up for adoption but would love to have him back home.

The family in Concord didn’t realize Shorty had a microchip, and can understand why the family in Louisiana wants him home.

“I do want him back, but since they lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and they lost him… I wouldn’t mind them keeping him or anything because it was their dog first,” said 15-year-old Ta’layza.

“I want him to be taken care of. If they do keep him take care of him. Let him…let them know he’s just like a child.  He’s been very well taken care of,” said Oclisha.

According to Dr. Peurifoy, it’ll be a couple of weeks before Shorty can travel to Louisiana.  He has a serious heart murmur and an oral disease the vet would like to treat.

“If he goes back to Louisiana, I would like to see him just one last time,” said Ta’layza.


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