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Raw: Bystanders take down robbery suspect

You're looking at what happened after an alleged armed thief was stopped in Seattle. Witnesses say a man with a gun ran from a jewelry store this morning (Friday), when he opened fire on a security guard who was trying to take him down. A photojournalist from a Seattle news station happened to be in the middle of all the chaos.
After being shot, the security guard knocked the suspect to the ground. People nearby held down the alleged jewelry thief. While someone else stood on the man's gun. Jerome Neil is one of the witnesses who jumped in to help the security guard. As he says, the violent scene played out like something from a movie.
"I heard three shots- pow pow pow- and so I was right there and I ran, I came down here and I saw them scuffling, and the dude was sitting there like 'I'm shot I'm shot' so I jumped on the dude after...I jumped and put my leg on his neck. The gun was right there. He had a rubber mask. Aw man it's crazy, I thought it was a movie. I thought it was a movie."
"I didn't think it was real. I didn't think it was real." Police quickly surrounded the evidence on the ground. There was a box of rings and a rubber mask the thief was spotted wearing. The 30-year-old security officer was shot in the hand and taken to the hospital.


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