Can Missouri Make 6-6? -

Can Missouri Make 6-6?

Please note this is disregarding Corbin Berkstresser's appearance in garbage time. 

(Missouri Football App) -- New question for the season: will Missouri be .500? All signs point to 'absolutely not.' Coming into the season, I thought it would be our offense that would turn heads in the SEC. Turns out, we are the new Tennessee. 

We have no punch whatsoever. We are a comedy of errors in the passing game. We can't protect, can't snap, and can't throw. Franklin looks lost, and our top-quality wideouts are languishing as they are overthrown, under thrown and forgotten for scrambles. 

Our play calling isn't any better. Several times throughout the game the announcers commented we were 'outthinking' ourselves. That may be true, but I don't think these plays are a result of Missouri trying to be clever. These are designed runs, designed zone reads and designed slow-moving keepers. They don't work and we keep doing them. 

Who do you want to see under center for Mizzou? Share your thoughts.

The hallmark of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Yet after 20 slow-developing run plays that go nowhere, we still line up and run it again. Every time Franklin runs a keeper in 3rd and 6 and gets it, I cringe. It will just encourage us to call it again. These are pathetic attempts at moving the ball, and they're based around the fact that we no longer trust our passing game. 

Thank goodness Arkansas is just as terrible this year, because DGB would be on the first flight out of town. (He got his first catch with 2:31 left in the game)

Our defense hasn't tackled as cleanly as one might like, but they've played more than well enough to keep us in these games if the offense had done anything. We are getting beat on special teams and by our own ineptitude moving the ball. 

With that in mind, the remaining schedule has three games- UCF, Kentucky, Syracuse- that the Tigers can look at as likely win. 

UCF, Kentucky and Syracuse are Mizzou's easiest opponents remaining. Tennessee hasn't been great, but we are on the road. 

Vanderbilt at home is a good matchup, but with Franklin under center and this type of play calling, I don't like our chances. 

At Florida is a loss, Bama is a loss no matter where you play them, and Texas A&M is a crapshoot- especially on the road. 

Without a major change, Mizzou's foray into the SEC is going to be one ugly inaugural season. 

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