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Halftime: Missouri looking outclassed on offense, special teams

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

The second quarter started with more of the same. Missouri stands tall at the goal line, and the offense comes out and looks like they don't want to play. 

Granted, we started the quarter backed into our own end zone, but even Verne "the golden throat" Lundquist called our third down choice a 'give-up play.'

We gave up a score after a miserable special teams effort, and then immediately turned the ball back over.

I hate to jump the gun, but Pinkel better start looking at backup options under center soon or this is going to be a rout. 

It's clear we have no clue how to solve South Carolina's pass defense. Franklin looks completely deflated and the our run game isn't going to win us an SEC contest on the road. 

We can't expect our defense to keep us in this game if the offense doesn't give them a reason to. As of six minutes remaining in the half, Missouri hadn't had a play in SC territory. 

Missouri managed to march the ball down the field late with a big run by Lawrence and a huge catch by Marcus Lucas. Unfortunately the rest of the play calls have been slow-developing run plays or QB keepers. The Gamecocks are all but outright daring the Tigers to throw, but we refuse to take advantage. One slant and a off-the-back-foot heave out of the end zone aren't really going to get it done. 

They did manage to get three points out of it somehow, but the special teams unit turned around and gave every bit of momentum right back- allowing SC to return the kickoff over 50 yards. A few quick plays later, Missouri lost even more air as the Gamecocks went up 21-3. 

Even with the Tigers getting the ball to start the half, this game looks to be over barring a miracle on offense or about three defensive touchdowns. 

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