News 4 fact-checks McCaskill campaign ad -

News 4 fact-checks McCaskill campaign ad

Tonight we continue our “fact check” reports, where the News 4 Investigates team looks into the statements made in political ads airing on our station.

Craig Cheatham investigated the facts listed in an ad run by Claire McCaskill's campaign.

( -- Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said she is thrilled to be ranked number 50.

In her new ad, McCaskill claims she is ranked 50th out of 100 senators, on a scale ranging from most liberal to most conservative. According to the National Journal rankings, a score of 50 would make McCaskill a complete moderate.

But according to Congressional Quarterly, McCaskill voted with President Obama more than 90 percent of the time in 2010 and 2011.

Despite that figure, her claim in the ad is true.

Later in the ad, McCaskill elaborates on her journey to becoming a moderate.

"How did I get there?" McCaskill says. "Missouri-style independence. Votes to cap federal spending."

While McCaskill has distanced herself from President Obama, her early devotion to his agenda helped raise her profile. McCaskill was a key supporter of the president's massive stimulus plan, and the so-called Obamacare.

However, she has also repeatedly worked with Republican senators to try to eliminate earmarks and cap federal spending.

Parts of McCaskill's career may appear extremely liberal, but if you consider her entire time in the Senate, I believe this part of the ad is also true.

News 4 will continue reviewing campaign ads up until the November election, with more next week.

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