News 4 fact-checks Akin campaign ad -

News 4 fact-checks Akin campaign ad

Tonight begins our “fact check” reports where the News 4 investigates team looks into the statements made in political ads airing on our station.

Craig Cheatham investigated the facts listed off in an ad being run by Todd Akin’s campaign.

( -- In the latest Todd Akin for Senate ad, his opponent, Senator Claire McCaskill is seen on video telling a crowd, “you don’t trust me.” It was her response to a rowdy audience three years ago, eventually some people in the crowd had to be escorted out.

In another claim, the Akin campaign says “McCaskill broke out trust when she decided to cast the deciding vote to pass Obamacare.”

In fact, McCaskill was one of 60 senators who voted for the patient protection and affordable care act, sometimes called ‘Obamacare.’  In the Senate , it takes a minimum of 60 votes to fast-track a bill, making it easier to pass the legislation. But McCaskill didn’t vote last, and her vote was no more or less important than the other 59.

The Akin campaign’s press secretary admitted that to News 4. So, I’m calling that claim misleading.

The Akin’s camp claims McCaskill “cut Medicare by almost one trillion dollars.” It’s true that supporters cut around $700 billion, but that’s $300 billion less than a trillion dollars.  The cuts come over a decade and will amount to less than 10 percent of the Medicare program. The claim that it’s nearly one trillion dollars is false.

Moving on, the next accusation is the Senator “killed jobs with higher taxes, spending and debt.”

Senator McCaskill wasn’t directly responsible for killing jobs with higher taxes and debt. During the years of the Obama presidency, there have been more than a million net job losses. But it’s clearly unfair to blame her for creating the conditions that drove us into a severe recession. So, that’s false.

Another repeated refrain of the ad campaign is “McCaskill voted with Obama 98% of the time.”

We didn’t count every vote, and we won’t, so we can’t confirm independently if this is true. But congressional quarterly reported that in 2010, McCaskill voted with President Obama 98% of the time, and last year voted with him 92% of the time. So, I’m saying this claim is true.

Akin for Senate ad does not list the sources for these claims.

Friday, News 4 will examine an ad from the McCaskill campaign.


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