Former Rams running back Stephen Davis arrested in South Carolina -

Former Rams running back Stephen Davis arrested in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Former St. Louis Rams running back Stephen Davis was arrested Wednesday for allegedly not paying taxes on his nightclub in Columbia, South Carolina.

Davis, 38, was charged with operating a business without a license and three counts of writing fraudulent checks.  Davis owns the PURE nightclub on Berryhill Road in Columbia. 

"Since the revocation of its license by the SC Department of Revenue in July 2012, the Revenue investigation proved that PURE Lounge continued to operate and conduct sales even without a retail license," the department said in a statement.

Davis, from Spartanburg, was a three-time Pro Bowl running back who played for Washington, Carolina and St. Louis from 1996-2006.

In July, Davis joined five former NFL players from South Carolina in a lawsuit alleging the NFL concealed information linking football-related head injuries to permanent neurological problems.  

Davis, a 3-time Pro Bowler, claims he played hurt in the Super Bowl and NFC Championship game and that he shouldn't have, saying the league culture encouraged them to play injured.

He faces up to 30 days in prison and/or $200 in fines if he is convicted on the charges.

He is scheduled to appear in court on October 3 and October 6 and his total bond amount was set at $10,300.

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