Resident wins battle over speed limits in St. Louis County -

Resident wins battle over speed limits in St. Louis County

CHESTERFIELD ( – Wednesday night, the speed limit changed on a major St. Louis County road, thanks to the objections from one resident.

Moving forward, all of Clarkson Road and Olive Boulevard will now be one speed limit; 45 miles per hour. Parts of Olive in chesterfield have been 40 miles per hour, but resident Steve Boriss challenged that after he received several speeding tickets over several years.

At first he received pushback from the city, but MoDOT eventually studied the road and agreed the speed limit was too low.

Wednesday night, the Chesterfield City Council voted six to one to up the limit to 45, while denying the area was a speed trap. But Boriss plans to take his action even further, saying this represents a much bigger issue for all of St. Louis.

“We’re going to start providing a clearing house, drafting municipal legislation that can be taken up by not just our citizens,” he said. “We want mayors to approach us, city councils, and police chiefs to approach us.”

The orginization he’s created is called FUSE, Freedom from un-American law enforcement.

Even though the council approved changing the limit tonight, they still suggest anyone caught speeding is the one to blame.

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