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Women say 'Hulk' man ripped off their spoiler in fit of road rage

Police are looking for a driver who, in an apparent fit of road rage, ripped the spoiler off another car and tossed it through the back window.

“We thought he was going to kill us. He was so freakishly angry and upset over what, we couldn’t understand why,” said Emily Lawson.

It happened Sunday night just before 6:30 p.m. on State Route 525 at the Alderwood Mall exit in Mukilteo.

Lawson, 34, and her 25-year-old passenger Morley Gordon, were headed south in their Ford Escort. The women say a man driving a black Toyota Scion or Nissan Cube pulled in front of them and cut them off. He slowed down in front of them, and then started pulling off to the side of the road.

“When we passed him, we were kind of chuckling and he was screaming at us and freaking out and (gave us) the finger, so I gave him one back and then just kept going and I thought we were done because we both gave each other the finger,” said Emily.

She said the other driver pulled to the shoulder and kept driving parallel to the women, screaming at them until they reached an intersection at 148th Street. That’s when the muscular driver allegedly got out of his car and charged toward Emily’s.

“He ripped my spoiler off and just bashed it through the back window and then he started bashing it on my car. He came over to Morley’s side of the door,” said Emily.  She demonstrated how the man allegedly used the spoiler like a baseball bat to take a swing at the car.

That’s when Emily started to drive off, trying to make her way back into traffic. She said the man hit the roof with the spoiler. Then, as she drove away, Emily said the man threw the spoiler through her back window and hit Morley in the back of the head.

The man is described only as being white, about 6-feet tall with short brown hair and a muscular build. The women say if he had a weapon, they might not be alive.

“He was a big, scary guy. I thought he was going to kill us,” said Emily, who says she still doesn’t know what she may have done to set him off in the first place.

But the bigger disappointment for Emily and Morley was that nobody stopped to help or called police. They are afraid this could happen to somebody else.

“We’re two women in a car and we’re being attacked by this hulk guy that’s freaking out and there’s a whole bunch of other people there and nobody came to help us. The police officer said nobody called it in, either,” said Emily.

Troopers are asking the public’s help to find the other driver. Anyone who witnessed the incident, got a plate number of his vehicle or who knows that person is, please call the Washington State Patrol.

Story compiled by KING 5's Travis Pittman and Natasha Ryan

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