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Woman who lost eye after husband's alleged murder-for-hire shooting opens up

DENTON — The scars on Nancy Howard's face tell her story. A bullet ripped through her left eye when a gunman shot her in the driveway of her Carrollton home on August 18.

"I prayed through the whole incident and called on God to save me, and he did. He carried me through," she told News 8.

It is a miracle that Howard lived. The bullet went through her eye and eventually lodged in her lung.

She was in a coma for a couple of days, but exactly one month after the attack, she is walking and talking.

"I am thankful. Thankful that I have life; thankful that God has given me life," Howard said. "That's going to be a great future."

But the future is uncertain for Nancy Howard. She faced her estranged husband in a Denton courtroom on Tuesday. He is accused of hiring a hit man to kill her.

Frank Howard walked in wearing his wedding ring during Tuesday's hearing, at which Mrs. Howard asked for $250,000 from him for medical and living expenses. The judge ordered Mr. Howard to pay over protests from his lawyer, Arch McColl, that he has only $4,000 to live on.

McColl startled the court when he said Howard is actively working toward a reconciliation with his estranged wife.

"He would like to reconcile with her, and I believe, she with him," McColl said. "I think they've got a possibility of doing that. I think they're both people of strong faith; he's been very active in his church for 30 years — 25 or 30 years — he sings in the choir."

Frank Howard is not only accused of trying to hire someone to kill his wife, but he is also being sued by his former boss for allegedly embezzling money.

His former employer believes part of that money was used to pay for the hit on Nancy Howard.

Howard has admitted to having had an affair for four years and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the other woman.

"Yeah, we've acknowledged that," McColl said. "He's human; that doesn't mean he's guilty of a crime."

Frank Howard did not respond when asked by News 8 if he had anything to say about why he's seeking a reconciliation with his wife.

McColl said the reason is "because he loves her."

Nancy Howard declined to answer questions about the shooting or her husband, or whether she wanted to reconcile. The two can't even talk because of a court order.

She said she'll let faith guide her path. "I don't know what that is going to look like, but whatever he sends my way I am ready to do."

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