St. Louis County school loses accreditation; What can parents do? -

St. Louis County school loses accreditation; What can parents do?

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV) -- Parents in the Normandy School District aren’t happy Tuesday after the state pulled Normandy’s accreditation.

Parents say they pay their taxes, so they want decent schools.

So why this action? News 4 has been talking with state officials who basically say enough is enough.

One board member says the decision was 20 years in the making. 

Some parents have tried in the past to send their kids to live with relatives in other parts of St. Louis County so their kids could go to other schools but they’ve been denied. 

Jessica Franklin, mother of a Normandy student, says she plans to go to the district office Wednesday and find out what her options are. However, she says she’s looked in the past and her chances don’t look good.

“,” she responded when asked what she thought her prospects were.

You can imagine the frustration. But the state board of education says it couldn’t wait any longer.

“Unfortunately, we made this decision because we haven’t seen the district moving in a positive direction,” said Sarah Potter of the Missouri Board of Education.

Potter says even if a student graduates from a non-accredited school district they can still be accepted into college.

“Colleges are still looking at multiple sources of information, they’re looking ACTs, SATs transcripts, their portfolio, recommendations, all of that.”

The district would not provide anyone to talk and will hold a news conference Wednesday morning.

It released a statement saying it was disappointed in the board’s decision and will keep a “laser-like focus on improving the performance in our schools.”

The state says the courts have determined that neighboring districts are under no obligation to accept students from a non-accredited district.

“The neighboring districts are U-City, Jennings and Riverview,” said Franklin. Unfortunately she also says those districts, “…will not be an option for me.”

That leaves parents little choice little choice but to stay where they are.


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