Hot-spot policing paying dividends in St. Louis County -

Hot-spot policing paying dividends in St. Louis County

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( -- North St. Louis County is known for some of the county’s worst crime, especially residential burglaries.  But police have beefed up patrols and it is making a difference.

“I feel safer because I’ve heard about a lot of burglaries in our neighborhood but I haven’t witnessed any,” said resident Eunice Humphries.

St. Louis County police say residential daytime burglaries are down 36% from this time last year in North County.

Captain Troy Doyle tells News 4 it’s due to hot-spot policing; placing more officers in those high crime neighborhoods.

“We created a 10-hour shift schedule up here which means we have overlapping patrols so more officers on the street this time than ever in the past,” he said.

Officers are focusing specifically on neighborhoods in Jennings, Blackjack and parts of unincorporated St. Louis County.

Resident Giavonna Jones had her house broken into last year.

“It was scary to believe that you could be so bold and break into someone’s home when neighbors on both sides were home and across the street,” she said.

Jones says she believes the mere presence of a police car is enough to scare criminals away.

“It makes a big difference cause you see the police riding around and you know that you don’t have much time if you are a criminal to do what you’re gonna do.”

Police also say residents are calling them more when they see something suspicious.

According to authorities those calls are extremely important and can make a difference in whether or not a criminal is caught.


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