Replacement refs steal the show in Week 2 -

Replacement refs steal the show in Week 2

ST. LOUIS (FootballStL) -- To whom it concerns: bring back the real referees.  Sincerely, everyone.
If the ‘real’ NFL referees are looking to gain leverage in their collective bargaining talks then let me present to you Exhibit A: Rams’ 31-28 victory over the Redskins.  It was a one-sided game and that one side slid the replacement referees’ way.
Any Rams or Redskins fan can check their Twitter or Facebook account to read candid remarks about the officiating from their friends, but the consensus would be that the replacement referees need to go.  The consensus would include Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan, who had his already red face turn redder at an alarming rate on Sunday.
“Obviously, everyone wants the officials back and hopefully it can happen in the near future,” Shanahan said.
At times it appeared that the game was more of a WWE event than an NFL regular season football game.  The pushing and shoving after every play in addition to the unnoticed trash talking led to many skirmishes and not many penalties.  As a result, fans were subjected to classless football that was officiated with little common sense.  It would be even worse for the home fans that pay big money each week if their team did not win.
“I know Mike (Shanahan) was frustrated at times today and I was frustrated at times today,” Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said on Sunday.  “Again, I have said the same thing I have been saying since preseason, these aren’t the regular guys.  They are doing the absolute best they can. It gets frustrating at times, but we are all dealing with the same set of circumstances across the league.”
That leaves only one question to be asked.  Will fans continue to pay loads of money to watch an NFL game being governed by the replacement referees when they can sit at home and watch it for free?
The replacement referees at their best may not be better than the regulars at their worst which is why a paying fan should not have to shell out hundreds of dollars to watch a game filled with controversy after each call.
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