Shotgun-toting neighbor runs off would-be rapist in Spring -

Shotgun-toting neighbor runs off would-be rapist in Spring

SPRING—Neighbors are crediting a man and his gun for running off a would-be robber and rapist in Spring.

It happened on Sunday evening in the Cypressdale Subdivision near Kuykendahl.

Paul Seifert was trying to break into a nearby mobile home and started running off when people saw him in the act, Harris County Constables from Precinct 4 said.

He ended up in the subdivision.

“I don’t think he was being followed, but in his mind, the paranoia of it all, he assumed he was being followed I guess,” said Assistant Chief Mark Herman. “He went through several houses. He went in back doors and out.”

Neighborhood resident James Garza said Seifert hopped the fence and walked into the house across the street.

“When the guy entered in through the backdoor of his house, (the neighbor) somewhat wrestled with the guy a little bit,” said Garza. “The guy eventually kicked him out of his front door and said get out of my house.”

That’s when the suspect ran across the street to Garza’s neighbor’s house. He reportedly forced a girl into the bathroom with her great grandfather and then headed for her mother’s bedroom.

“(That is) where he tried to force himself on to (the) mother and saying the most terrifying words a mother could ever hear, which would be if you don’t do what I want your daughter is next,” said Garza.

That’s when the girl made a break for it.

“She ran out of the house, ran into my house carrying her 1-year-old niece,” Garza said. “She tells me there’s a strange man in my house and is crying screaming hysterically.”

Garza said he grabbed his shotgun and ran next door to confront the suspect. He  said he pulled his weapon and was prepared to use it. After yelling out to the suspect, he moved in, but he said the man managed to run out the door and escape over the back fence.

Authorities caught up with him in another backyard.

“He was found by deputies down the way in a swimming pool,” said Herman. “The swimming pool was actually covered with a tarp and they were able to see his head bobbing in the pool.”

Seifert has been charged with burglary and attempted sexual assault.

Garza was just glad that he was home at the time.

“When everything was said and done, I said I’m surprised I didn’t have a heart attack,” admitted Garza. “I was surprised that I was as calm as I was.”

He now plans to buy a second shotgun.




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