St. Louis County town missing $90k, unsure where it went -

St. Louis County town missing $90k, unsure where it went

UPLANDS PARK, Mo ( – Uplands Park ‘s police department is facing a rough road. If thousands of dollars of missing funds aren’t found, the department could be looking at service cuts, personnel cuts and maybe a shutdown.

City leaders say there’s been years of mismanagement but it’s just now coming to light.

News 4 has been talking to investigators who are having a hard time tracking down the thief.

Saint Louis County police confirm the department is investigating the city of Uplands Park after more than $90,000 in funds were reported missing.

“I needed an outside investigator that can look at everything no stone untouched,” said Uplands Park Trustee Henry Iwenofu. “I do understand there may be limited resources but taxpayer money is taxpayer money.”

Iwenofu says he can prove city employees spent money on things they weren’t supposed too. For example buying gas at gas stations in cities like Florissant and St. Charles.

Iwenofu says they’re only supposed to purchase gas in Uplands Park and they have no reason to be in those cities while on the clock.

“There was no control over who’s buying gas and we were having for a four block city radius, we spent $1,700 or $1,800 in gas,” said Uplands Park Police Chief Stephen Abbington.

Abbington has only been chief for a month but he too is investigating where the money went.

We’ll stay on top of the investigation and let you know what happens.



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