Rules vary for older drivers in Illinois and Missouri -

Rules vary for older drivers in Illinois and Missouri

The Associated Press recently released the rules for elderly drivers in all 50 states. Here are the differences between Illinois and Missouri:

ILLINOIS: At age 75, drivers must take a road test and eye exam to renew a license. At age 81, drivers must renew every two years instead of every four—and at age 87, they must start renewing annually.

Prior to 1990, testing at renewal was required starting at age 69. In raising the age, the state cited data showing crash rates began increasing when drivers reached 75.

MISSOURI: Starting at age 70, drivers must renew a license every three years, compared with every six years for adults ages 21 to 69.

State law allows doctors, law enforcement, social workers, therapists and immediate family members to report a potentially unsafe driver to the Department of Revenue, which can investigate and require testing or license restrictions. Reporting is confidential.


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