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Mizzou escapes 24-20

COLUMBIA (Missouri Football App) -- Well, not an inspiring performance. But one thing is for certain- Missouri has no more questions about its defense.

A sputtering offense managed to give the Tigers just enough to squeak by ASU, mainly because of a botched extra point. But faced with the toughest of tests twice in a row, the Tiger defense stood tall. ASU was turned back twice in crunch time, and Missouri ground its way to a 2-1 record.

While the bright spots were mostly on defense, Berkstresser did manage to reach nearly 200 yards and toss a TD. He also ran for a score. He didn't look smooth doing it, but it could have been far more disastrous given the circumstances.

Most troubling was Mizzou's inability to establish a real rushing threat. Yes we ran for 126, but we never knew what a handoff was going to yield. DGB looked to be our best rushing threat, and every time he is used as a runner it hurts me inside. 

We still have time to find our stride in the run game, but I'll be nervous if this is the best we can muster. 

Also in the concern department is special teams. Missed field goals and bad snaps are one thing, but doing them at home and with alarming regularity is another. The Tigers need to get better at winning the special teams contest. In fact the only reason we won tonight was because their special teams was just a bit faultier than ours. That won't continue to happen. 

So tonight we learned the Tigers have a great defense, an offense that still hasn't been able to put rubber to road, and a very shaky special teams unit. Not the most inspiring thing to file away right before an SEC road trip, but at least it came with a win. 

For now, take the W and have a celebratory drink. I know I need one. 

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