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Missouri needs to show skill in fourth

COLUMBIA (Missouri Football App) -- What looked to be a cruise control second half has spun into a dangerous territory. 

ASU has pulled within 10, and the Tigers look too fluffy on offense for my taste. Our defense still looks extremely stout, despite giving up 14 points. 

It's time for Missouri's top players to step up. We were unable to do that in crunch time against Georgia, and we need to show that we have the resolve to win the fourth quarter. 

Franklin is on the sidelines, so we need to look to TJ Moe, Marus Lucas and Kendial Lawrence. Now is the time to cement that role as team leader. We can't sit back and assume everything is going to be ok.

This game matters much more to ASU than it does to Mizzou, and letting them back in because we are trying to stay calm can't happen. Let Berkstresser throw, and turn up the offense. We don't do the field position game very well. We score. That's what we need to continue to do. And for goodness sake, stop botching the snap. 

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